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Yeah, so, what's new?

Another day of SQL and connection errors with our database...I'm so sorry guys, I have no idea why this is happening so much. I'll post any updates I get right here!

So...Clay come out yet? ;)
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Maybe he did come out and that's why the board went down. They're onto us!!
He hacked us in order to make himself head admin and take over FotD. Clearly that is the best explanation.
I knew this day would come.



July 21 2006, 22:44:03 UTC 11 years ago

He'll be nothing but a poser compared to the FOtD Goddess that roar is. Still, it will be nice having him posting with us. <3 You know he has some really juicy gossip to post in AAB. And the Clohn porn he could write? *fans self*
Well of course I agree with the poser part. But perhaps we'd team up to create a fey force so powerful it would take over the entire planet.

And omg, Clohn porn. It would all be true stories too.
not to freak anyone out but there's a few clayboards who have had hacking attempts last night. could it be related to that?
It's possible...what was the evidence left on the other boards? We were hacked that one time, but all we got from it was limekitty ^_^
a lot of pm and email were sent to the members as though they were coming from the admins.
Sigh. Without OC I feel something missing.



July 22 2006, 00:41:31 UTC 11 years ago

I miss it! sad and what if he did come out we'd die.

to get a laugh go watch the rainbow montage on the Clayboard haha "he's our rainbow"

*tiny voice* It has always bugged me that apologize is spelled wrong on the error page we get now. I never wanted to say anything, but now I must.


July 22 2006, 03:53:14 UTC 11 years ago

It's just the Brit spelling really.
But, *sigh* I don't know how to behave without my OC to catch up on.


July 22 2006, 05:04:26 UTC 11 years ago


*stabs self in eye with fork*

Come back board.

So, we finally got a message from our host saying it should be fixed, but of course it isn't. So I put in another support request **sigh**

Re: aaarggh


July 22 2006, 05:39:51 UTC 11 years ago

Well, thanks for trying and for letting us know. I was getting a leetle antsy.

Hurry Back OC!!!!!!


*curses dreamhost and their offspring for eternity*



July 22 2006, 14:37:34 UTC 11 years ago

aaaah yea it's like weird to not have it!

at least it's the weekend, when not much crap goes down anyways.

LOL if your bored go see Lady in the Water, it's really funny....lol. The funniest horror movie ever.



July 22 2006, 14:38:39 UTC 11 years ago

ok and lol Aka, your Avy is wonderful! :throws glitter:
I've been gone since early yesterday when it first went down, I swear the board just can't operate without me :P

:( will it be back monday thats my birthday :(


July 22 2006, 16:45:57 UTC 11 years ago

OK so this sucks. :( Come back OC!

heybutterfly :)


July 22 2006, 16:58:52 UTC 11 years ago

We're still down? :-( I was so optimistic that I would wake up and this would all be over with. Well at least it isn't 200 degrees outside today. *Love those July cold fronts* I'm going to go do yard work. I hope we're back online soon!!! (and I don't mean Clay "soon") ;/

I can set up a temp board.


July 23 2006, 03:31:14 UTC 11 years ago

well lucky you fairie it IS still 105 here at 830 lol