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World Wide Clay Pride

All Who Love Clay, Straight or Gay
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Gay-friendly Clay Aiken fan community. We are here because Clay has quite a few GLBT fans, as well as gay-friendly straight fans. We got tired of the rampant homophobia in some communities. claypride does not make any definitive statement about Clay's sexual orientation. If you think he's gay, straight, or bi, that's okay. Claypriders are free to say anything they want, as long as there is no gaybashing or Claybashing! All who love and adore Clay are welcome!

Community Rules
1) Be respectful of all genders and sexual orientations.
2) No flaming this community or members of this list.
3) No bashing our favorite icon, Clay!
4) All posts must be related to Clay and/or to this community.
5) Please post all pics and very long posts behind an lj-cut.
6) Feel free to post your crushes, your dreams, daydreams, Clay rumors, and more. Anything NC-17 goes behind an lj-cut with warning. All orientations welcome!
7) No cross-posting.
8) If you don't follow these rules, don't be surprised when you get banned.

Any questions or comments, please contact the moderator, sapphicprincess, at kelleydear@yahoo.com

Click Here to Visit Openly Clay: The Gay-friendly Clay Aiken Fanboard!

The community icon is from the short feature Clay Pride: Being Clay in America. The film has nothing to do with Mr. Aiken, but it's very clever.